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Tailored Learning

Adapted dificulty based on user

Level of learning changes as games are played, appropriately supporting, developing or challenging on an individual basis.

Year 1 - KS 1
Year 3 - KS 2
Year 4 - KS 2

Keep Up to Date

Weekly Parent Report
for your child

Research shows talking to your child about their strengths and what needs to be worked on, is key to motivation and good progress.

We email real-time, feedback reports, with up-to-date information on your child's progress, learning gaps and attainment milestones.

With Cosmico, you will know what your children are doing well in, how much time they have spent on our games and which activities they have been playing.

Make it Fun

Made to be engaging
game features

Using bright, stimulating visuals, we have created a fun and unique learning experience. To keep your child motivated, they can travel with their pet, receive help from Celeste, our learning assistant robot, and customise their avatar.

See how our teachers and developers create the app

Classroom Aligned

Based on the National Curriculum

Designed using educational content, derived from the National Curriculum, simulated into a game-based learning journey.


of curriculum
covered in 15 mins


increase in learning and retention rate

2 in 1

2 months of learning achieved in 1 month


Hear it from our community

Thank you sooo much for teaching me today!! I have learnt new things that I was not confident in!

Year 5 student

Thanks for doing this it is really helpful cause of quarantine

Year 6 student

Can you do it again because it’s a lot of fun

Year 2 student

Your Thoughts

HAve a suggestion?

Is there a feature you would like to see in our app, or do you have suggestions for us. Our CEO and founder, Ibrahim, would love to personally speak with you and hear your thoughts. You can drop him an email on:

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