A 3-Step Recovery Plan to Get Your Child’s Education Back on Track

Are you concerned your child is behind with their education this year, due to the recent lockdown period?

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Step One

Download our educational app

Follow the curriculum from home.

Has your child fallen behind with schooling during lockdown? Cosmico bridges the gap left by closed schools by providing personalised, curriculum-aligned learning.

Why you should download cosmico:

Curriculum-aligned so your child can catch up with missed schooling.

An engaging, fun world that’s proven to improve learning retention.

Progress reports help you to keep track of learning and focus on the important areas.

Supportive of children with special educational needs.

Built with the help of real teachers, educational researchers, and professional game developers.

Supports catch-up planning for teachers to get kids back on track.


Progress Report

We will send you detailed analytical reports so that you can track your child’s educational progress after the completion of each game. These are intended to address the learning gaps, against age-related expectations. Each report will include the average time it takes for your child to complete an exercise as well as how many activities are completed.

The Game

Cosmico blends the best features of an educational app and a game! Venture beyond the stars in the Cosmico X spaceship and discover the secrets of mathematics. Your child will enter a deep space adventure with a difference. Whatever their ability range, they will go on a journey of intergalactic missions, training, commanding the controls, and keeping their rockets fuelled to become greatest maths explorers in the galaxy!

Managing your child’s screen time

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) advises that children should limit screen time to two hours per day. This may be more challenging during the lockdown period, however, Cosmico is specifically designed to help you adhere to these guidelines:

Cover 10% of the maths curriculum in just 15 minutes of play

Built-in breaks in play

Save your progress and return at any time

4 hours of teaching in 15 minutes!


of children said …
I would love to play the game again.


of children said ...
this game is better than other educational games.


of teachers said ...
I’d be happy to use this game in my classroom, and I’d recommend it to parents too.

26 schools already benefiting from Cosmico


Step two

Sign up below to get weekly lessons

We’re serious about helping children learn more effectively. To help us achieve this, we host completely free weekly lessons via livestream covering key concepts and curriculum-based content.
All our lessons are held by our Education Director, an ex-headteacher with over 30 years of teaching experience.

The Reviews

Our Feedback

Thank you sooo much for teaching me today!! I have learnt new things that I was not confident in!

- Year 5 student

Thanks for doing this it is really helpful cause of quarantine

- Year 6 student

Can you do it again because it’s a lot of fun

- Year 2 student

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Step three

Invest in your child’s future

Sign up for our premium plan in the future to get access to more educational content and fun mini games. As a bonus for a limited time only, we are offering 7 days free trial for upgrade to our standard package.

Innovative game design using the latest in educational theory and development methods.

Fully supportive of alternative learning styles and special educational needs.

Paced to match the unique learning speed of your child.

The perfect way for your child to catch up with the curriculum.