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What We Believe

Our philosophy

Cosmico offers children a unique learning experience. We adapt to different learning styles and encourage our learners to take ownership of their education journey. Our goal is simple: support every student so that no learner is left behind.

The people

tHE TEAM behind it

Cosmico was founded by Ibrahim Farook. Growing up, Ibrahim struggled with education due to his dyslexia. However, he never lost the passion for learning. This led him to the idea of creating a unifying educational system, where all children can have a tailored learning experience, whilst keeping the passion for learning and discovery at the core.

Along the way, Ibrahim has been joined by some amazing individuals, who share the similar passion and vision to create a Better, Brighter Future.

Ibrahim Farook


Ron Bakker


Nicole Godetz

Education Director

Kimberlay Law

Social Media Manager

Muhammed Uzair

Graphic Designer

Katherin Willmott

Executive Assistant to CEO


Head of Naps and Cuddles

Our stats

Child attainment increase

We have built Cosmico with continuous testing and validation from our customers. When testing our app across 26 schools and over 2,000 children, we saw a 20% increase in learning attainment and retention.

Cosmico aims to create a level playing field. We want each learner's needs to be carefully assessed and catered for, regardless of age, location or gender. We are determined to close learning gaps and allow learners to reignite that joy for progress and learning.


Hear it from our community

One of the most innovative products that I have seen being developed in most recent years.

Dr. Richard Evans

Lecturer in Human Factors for Design at Brunel University

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