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for 5–11 year olds

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The Benefits


Cosmico is leaving behind the one-fits-all learning approach and creating a tailored learning experience which meets the needs of today's children. By using game-based learning and AI, we will foster growth and eliminate any learning gaps.


Designed using educational content, derived from the National Curriculum, simulated into a game-based learning journey.

Parents Reports

Detailed, real-time feedback reports, ensure parents and carers are routinely informed of knowledge acquisition and skills progress.

Adaptive learning

Individualised learning experiences which respond to gameplay, and match content to the learner, appropriately supporting, developing or challenging.

The App


Cosmico makes learning fun again. We know children love to play games. So, what better way to engage and motivate your child, than to combine learning and games together? Most importantly for you, it has proven to be highly effective!

When creating Cosmico, we worked with parents from all over the UK, 26+ schools and over 2000 children to ensure our app is really fun, supportive and, most importantly, helps children with their education. We listened to what the children had to say, we listened to what parents had to say and we listened to what teachers had to say.   Here is a sneak peek of what they thought about Cosmico!

Your Thoughts

HAve a suggestion?

Is there a feature you would like to see in our app, or do you have suggestions for us. Our CEO and founder Ibrahim, would love to personally speak with you and hear your thoughts. You can drop him an email on:



Thank you sooo much for teaching me today!! I have learnt new things that I was not confident in!

Year 5 student

Thanks for doing this it is really helpful cause of quarantine

Year 6 student

Can you do it again because it’s a lot of fun

Year 2 student

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